Video showing how to know what your tire air pressure is, and how to pump them

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10 Responses to How to Pump Road Bike Tires

  1. Sstephen192 says:

    you are hot

  2. EZ3Jephree says:

    @iregmail PATCH!

  3. panagiotis118 says:

    GIANT rulessss go girl

  4. AlkjTapCorp says:


  5. bikeliving says:

    @iregmail I'm glad it helped! I'll create a video on that today!

  6. iregmail says:

    Hey thankyouu! I am a newbie in biking and I just cant figure out how to pump it up. And there it goes!

    But how we figure out if the tire is punctured? How could we fix it?

  7. atomicfrog2000 says:

    Lol, I love your comments. Thank you for the tutorial. 🙂

  8. corncornrocks says:


    Thanks alot for the vid. I mean it. I watched it and then I refilled my tire. Woot.

  9. bikeliving says:

    @danamv494 Thanks! I plan on making more how-to videos in the near future. Seems people want more of those.

  10. danamv494 says:

    Thanks so much, and I love the pink bike rack!

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