Pocket bikes are basically scaled down models of normal full size bikes. Just as there is a lot of variety in full size motorcycles, you also get a plethora of mini pocket bikes to choose from. This article provides information on main types of pocket bikes available for sale.


Electric mini bikes

Electric pocket bikes are miniature motorcycles with electric engines. These engines are equipped with           variable motors that are chain driven. These motors have a capacity to achieve a speed of about fourteen to fifteen miles in an hour. These are low noise bikes with a very quiet operation. Mostly all such bikes have tires that are about 10 to 12 inches wide. The width of tires helps the bikes to absorb bumps easily and provide a smooth ride. If you have batteries of power 12V*2, you can easily ride for an hour on a single charge.


Gas Pocket Bikes

Gas pocket bikes are also one of the most popular among various mini bikes for sale. These motorbikes mostly have a two or four stroke engine and their performance is comparatively better than electric bikes. Once the tank is full, the bike can cover around 20-22 miles. When compared to electric bikes, gas bikes are comparatively noisy. These bikes are also normally heavier than electric bikes. The maximum engine power that is found in these bikes is in the range of 5 to 15 horse power.


Other points

Electric and gas bikes are two main types of classifications of pocket bikes. However, these bikes can also be segregated on the basis of other criterions. For instance, there can be many types of bikes falling under the broad category of electric and gas bikes. For example, electric PR 200 and Electric XP 707 are two types of electric bikes. Some other models of pocket bikes include Daytona Cagllari, Grand Prix MTX, and Cobra S4. If you are looking for cheap mini bikes, you can surf the internet for websites that provide second hand pocket bikes at discounted prices.

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