A miniature version of street bikes specially designed for kids who have an inclination towards riding. You as parents need not think twice before buying the super cool gadget for your child.


Special Features

Razor Pocket Bikes are low speed bikes with a speed not exceeding 15 miles per hour. They are accessorized with pneumatic tires of 10 inches, high torque and chain driven motor, 24 v{two 12 V} sealed lead acid battery systems and a high torque and a hand operated rear brake with twist grip throttle. The acceleration in these bikes in the initial stages is excellent. When these bikes are fully charged these bikes can be ridden for about 30 minutes.


Wholesale Pocket Bikes

Razor pocket rockets are sold online with reasonable super saving shipping charges. To know more about wholesale pocket bikes, you can view reviews written by other customers to be 100% sure of the product you are purchasing. There is a lot of competition in this market as many dealers and manufacturers have evolved in this business.


Pocket Rocket Safety Tips

Fascinating stunts which are performed by trained professionals should be avoided by children riding these bikes. The rider should ride in trails and lanes to avoid an accident as these bikes are small in size and cannot be spotted easily by other drivers and riders. Children should be well equipped with protective gears and riding gloves. Minors should wear knee and elbow pads while riding pocket bikes. Helmets are a must as they protect the rider from injuries that may be caused by collisions or falls. The rider should stay away from public roads as they lack horns, mirrors, indicators and turn signals.


A pocket rockets are an ideal gift that will over joy your child but it is of utmost importance that you educate your child about the safety tips and make him aware of the safety measures before presenting him with one of these.



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