If you both own an SUV or a jeep and a bicycle as well, or if you are an adventure junkie and a cyclist at the same time, you probably know what a spare tire bike rack is. Finding the perfect bike rack, if your car is an SUV or a jeep, is not hard. There are more to your spare tire than its obvious function. Spare tires are staple car parts since flat tires happen everywhere and anytime. But spare tires do not have only that one function but it also allow you to use it to carry heavy stuff like a bike. Spare tire can be used to attach a bike rack on it. Spare tire mounted bike racks are considered one of the easiest types of bike rack to use.

Your spare tire is usually located at the back portion of the car which is commonly readily installed on jeeps and SUV type of cars. Spare tire also functions to serve as an extra space to store your stuffs

A spare tire bike is a type of bike carrier attached to the spare tire of the car. The spare tire bike rack can carry one to two bikes during transport and travel. A spare tire bike rack can hold no more than two bicycles at one time. However, you can find good quality spare tire bike racks which allow you to attach several bikes as well.

Spare tire mounted bike racks offer protection for both of your bike and car. It protects the two from damage and scratches during travel and transport. This is because the bikes are securely fitted against the spare tire bike rack to avoid excessive movements and slides which can damage the bike frames and the car itself.

The spare tire mounted bike rack is also convenient in saving a space on your car. The spare tire bike rack will also allow you to have more space for your luggage and other stuffs placed on the roof top or in the trunk. Spare tire bike racks are not also as expensive as other bike racks are. You can find more than few spare tire bike racks which will surely fit your budget.

With spare tire mounted bike rack, you will never have to worry about the excessive luggage you bring with your during your adventure trips. You don't have to climb or use a small ladder to place your bikes on the roof top. Spare tired mounted bike rack is definitely one tool to make your travel life easier.

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