Im doing a presentation for my marketing class selling bike tires. I need to know the material composition of a bike tire, if there s any warranty or Guarantee, and for how long on bike tires.
The price of an average mountain bike tire?
Thank you.

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  1. uncleneal says:

    most tires (bikes, cars, etc.) primary part is rubber...
    then there is a cord made of kevlar or other material for strength and puncture resistance (no tire is puncture proof)

    avg price of a MTB tire: $ 25.00
    no warranty or guarantees on most tires for most bikes

  2. Roberto says:

    Neat topic...

    The tires are made of rubber, but there are several compounds. Some tires use 2 or 3 different compounds on them.

    Some tires are kevlar, and others are wired.

    Check, you might get some information in there that might serve your.

    As long as durability, it depends a lot on the usage, but also some tires last longer than others. Some tires that are really grippy last almost nothing, and some can last for years.

    Using standard pricing (disregarding offers or special promotions), around $20 bucks for an entry tire, most good tires are around 40 to 50 bucks, and some might go 60 or 70. Of course, there might be more expensive.

    I haven't heard of any warranty, but I don't expect much in that regard.

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