I have a bike that i take to work. I live in and work in an industrial neighborhood where most streets are covered in glass shards that the city never sweeps up. I rode my bike for 3 weeks and the tires are flat again. Are there any products, advice, good brands of tires or tubes that will cut down or eliminate this problem for me? Thanks.

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  1. I says:

    Find a different route that doesn't include glass.

    If you must, there are several different brands of tire liners out there. Those would be your best bet: that slime or goop or whatever it is tends to just be a giant mess, and it doesn't do anything for bigger holes but spray goop everywhere. Check out the different tire liners in person at a local bike shop first; once you have a specific preference, it's cheaper to buy online.

    You may also simply look into getting some heavier-duty tires and tubes. Primarily buy in person, then buy online once you have your own preference.

    Higher-pressure tires will make it harder for the glass to stick to the treads and work its way through to the tube. Pump up your tires if they're a bit soft.

    I've never had a problem with glass on my rides. Even when I've ridden through a patch of glass, I've never gotten a puncture flat. And no, I don't use any special tire liners or tubes or tires or anything.

  2. Old Hippie says:

    Couple of possible solutions. Don't know what size tires you take, but some today are made with a puncture resistant casing underneath; the tread area that consists of aramid and ceramic particles. See 1st link below. In 2 & 3/4 years, I've had ONE flat tire.

    2nd link - try a tire liner. This will put an extra layer between the tire & the tube. Many people swear by these. Always keep the tires inflated at or near the maximum rating stamped on the sidewall.

  3. Markus Imhof says:

    Best way? Don't ride through glass, especially when it's wet.

    If you can't avoid that, you'll have to deal with heavier (and more expensive) tires. There are tires out there with anti-puncture systems. For me, what works quite well during winter (where we don't have glass, but small stones that are used instead or together with salt to combat ice and snow on the road) are heavy spike tires (Continental or Nokian). Disadvantage: a lot of rolling resistance and loud. Similarly build knobbly off-road tires might work equally well (together with on-road tire pressure, go to the max the tire will support, should be at least 5 bar/70 psi).
    Puncture-proof tires (Schwalbe, Continental) may have less rolling resistance, but will often have a similar weight (or very high price...)

  4. SoccerRefToo says:


    An age old problem. Bicycle tires and urban recycling ... 🙂 lol

    You need to combine good riding habits with a combination of kevlar BELTED tires, and Mr, Tuffy tire inserts. I have gond four years on my road bike without a road flat using the combination. The inserts are tough plastic liners that will prevent must glass, metal, or thorn splinters from reaching the tube.

    You should still look at your tires and pull out shards and splinters using either tweezers or needle nose pliers. DO NOT TEMPT the recycling gods.! 🙂


  5. Jeffrey says:

    when i first began riding i went through a lot of flats. i tried the liners and all, but in the end they were not effective. if you ride through trash you are going to get flats. what i found key was claiming my space in the roadway. if you ride on the shoulder instead of the driving lane, all the debris ends up there and it is a flat waiting to happen. if you ride in your lane, near the edgeline where traffic runs it keeps you out of all the trash and your flats will stop. it is a matter of claiming your space, flowing with traffic and staying away from the junk that is causing this.

  6. Bai ivan says:

    Actually all above are wrong or partially wrong. The only way to avoid getting flat from glass is to use Tubeless tires with tire sealant! you can't get a flat with those even if you want to
    The best in the business are STAN'S NOTUBES but buying a whole package is a bit pricey but it will pay it self after some km of no flats.
    look at this clip to see confirmation!

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