Is there a recommended mileage/time to replace your bike tires (road bike)? If it is not based on mileage or time, is there anything I can check to see if it is time to replace?

I have a triathlon coming up in a month. I don't want my tires to go out on me.

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  1. Mike from BA says:

    I don´t know about mileage, it will depend on the kind of roads you´ve travelled, road temperatures, even braking habits! I change my tires when they start loosing grip (check for smooth grooves) and the puncture frecuency starts raising.

  2. sweeeetest says:

    When they wearout : )

  3. scott.braden says:

    You should inspect them regularly, I usually check mine when washing the bike. Look for any cuts/ gouges / bulges or anything that looks different from normal road wear.

    You can keep riding with these things, but keep an eye on them because they can quickly develop into problems.

    If your tires are looking beat up, get new ones well before the big event, so you have time to get used to the new ones - maybe you won't, but I notice that new tires handle differently than old ones.

    I ride my nasty, cut-up tires until the casing shows thru or they otherwise self destruct. I once had to put a duct-tape boot to patch a sever cut, then rode for several more weeks before I got around to putting a new tire on. Doesn't seem to affect my flat frequency.


  4. Dita says:

    go ahead and replace the tires/tubes before your bike ride. You should do that at signs of wear anyway. If you feel there's life in the tires you can always keep the old ones for training.

    Take your bike into the LBS the week before for a tuneup.

    You'll be doing a rest week anyway, have them check the bike, adjust cable tension, make sure the wheels are true, brakes adjusted, clean and lube the chain .... all these things can scrub off speed if not done and/or leave you in the DNF cattegory.

    Good luck on your ride.

  5. parra nipples belt says:

    It is easy when your tryre is getting squar or flat on top then the are using up more serface area causing bad friction so good time to replace them, if you keep getting puntures and the tyre is clean replace it then. michelin pro race are excellent!!
    vittoria kxs are good two sidded tyre and you get 10,000km per tyer even racing conditions!

  6. just_hanging_out says:

    It's not like a car. There is no set mileage or time frequency.

    You change them when they are worn, cracked, tread has gone missing, etc. Inspect them periodically. If you flat, inspect them very carefully. Make sure to go ahead and replace the tubes and rim tape as well if you do replace the tires. Both are relatively cheap.

    Even if you are putting on about 2-5 thousand miles a year you should still get two or three years out of them, I would think. I did anyways.

    Of course, you could always get a race set, and just use it for races. I never did that, but it is entirely possible to do so if you wished.

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