I am considering getting a new bike within next a few months. I currently have Yamaha V-Star 650 custom model, which I have been riding about 3 years. I from time to time wanted to ride more than couple hours on highways, without thinking of overheating, so I have been thinking about getting a Honda VTX1300R, which fits my body profile and other factors. But lately, I began to think about getting a sport touring type bike. I do like cruiser styles over sport types, but when I try to add all those accessaries to block winds, and so on, the cruiser usually gets too bulky and pricy for me. So here goes my question, for those of you have ridden a sport touring bike, is it comfortable long enough on a sport touring bike so that you can ride for a long time compared to riding a cruiser? This question seems to obvious because sport touring is still a touring class, but since I have never ridden one for a long time, I am asking you guys. Thanks.