I am considering getting a new bike within next a few months. I currently have Yamaha V-Star 650 custom model, which I have been riding about 3 years. I from time to time wanted to ride more than couple hours on highways, without thinking of overheating, so I have been thinking about getting a Honda VTX1300R, which fits my body profile and other factors. But lately, I began to think about getting a sport touring type bike. I do like cruiser styles over sport types, but when I try to add all those accessaries to block winds, and so on, the cruiser usually gets too bulky and pricy for me. So here goes my question, for those of you have ridden a sport touring bike, is it comfortable long enough on a sport touring bike so that you can ride for a long time compared to riding a cruiser? This question seems to obvious because sport touring is still a touring class, but since I have never ridden one for a long time, I am asking you guys. Thanks.

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  1. tommy44432 says:

    What type of riding you going to do most? If it's an occasional long ride I'd forego the sport tourer and opt for the cruiser. You say you like them better anyway. If lots of long distance rides is in your future then go with the sport tourer. However I'm thinking, based upon the way you worded your remarks, that it's the occasional long ride you are going to take. Keep in mind the cruiser can be used for longer rides and still give you the style you want for everything else. And the pricey stuff is part of the game...but it's also a one time expense.

  2. motomarco9999 says:

    I've built and owned cruisers over the years and would say the Aprilia falco I now own is much better for any sort of distance work. If its the individual style of cruisers that appeals, have you considered Moto Guzzi? The V11 lemans is a great bike, not too radical like a sports bike, plenty of character comfortable over distance and easy to live with. A good alternative to a BMW.

  3. greg e says:

    i think the Honda 1300 would suite you very nicely,great handling, comfortable long distance tourer and can still has a good top speed.

  4. Byron says:

    Why not keep the V-Star. Cruising on the highway is where it is least likely to overheat. But hey....it's your money.


    the Honda is the way to go. not to bulky. smooth ride nice big seat handles good on highway and with passages
    my dad has the Honda vtx 1300r
    loves it . him and his wife ride 4-5 hour one way the see there grandson and love the ride (ages 58 and 60).
    good luck

  6. forktail_devil says:

    just add a detachable wind sheild to the 650 instead. it doesnt bulk it up. those bigass fairings u see on the gold wings and other dressers not only increase the weight of the bike, but in summer time, u will quickly start to roast if not moving constantly.

  7. BikerBob says:

    I don't really know about he sport touring ride. I do know that I have ridden Harleys for hours on end without stopping and I've never felt uncomfortable. I can't say that about a "standard" bike I had in the early 80's. That bike was not comfortable, if you were on it for hours. I don't know about the comfort of a Yamaha or Honda cruiser, but I do know that Harley's are comfortable. I have a slipped disc in my back, so I know when a riding position is uncomfortable, believe me.

  8. Terry S says:

    I have the VTX1300R and know nothing about the sport touring bikes , But I do know what works for me and the Honda VTX has been the best Bike I have had as of yet .Its great for short trips and really great for long Hauls ,if you have theVstar Cruiser already and want to make a switch to a sport bike it may take some adjusting on your part to get used to it . The choice is yours. but in my own opinoin I would stay with the cruiser Especially the VTX /God Bless ya

  9. Matt C says:

    the best bike for you and also very nice is either the bmw or the st1100 by honda

  10. Tom B says:

    yes the Honda VTX1300 is a great bike, but its very heavy and under-powered for 1300 ccs, you will be surprized its not much faster than your V Star. Spend the extra money and go with the VTX1800, or go with the Yamaha 1300 V Star, or better yet the Yamaha Warrior, the Warrior is a babe magnet. I mean you can be total nerd and pick up hot babes with that bike

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