California Mountain biking can offer you all the pleasure of real biking drama. You will feel the adventure from the moment you begin your ride. While riding, you will not only enjoy the scenic beauty of Californian landscapes but also taste the excitement of mountain biking.

Mountain Biking At It’s Best In California

Let us find out what is so special about mountain biking in California. Biking here is wonderful especially up and down the coast. San Luis Obispo County is THE place where biking is immensely popular. You will find that the trails are not only better but also diverse and the best part is that this place is less crowded. These are just the ideal ingredients that can make your ride even more fascinating.

You will be fascinated with the uneven old roads that run deep into calm mountains and if that’s not enough then you can also try your hands at some technical tracks. It is a fact that San Luis Obispo County is quite known for it’s diverse topography. Well, some moderately flat coastal roads, gentle climbs, and of course a mass of extinct volcanoes adds that bit of variety to the terrain.

When it comes to scenic beauty then hold your breath for the Valencia Peak out of Montana de Oro State Park that boasts awesome views of the ocean, coast, Morro Bay as well as the Chorro Valley. While riding on the Santa Lucia Mountains, you can take a loop round western town of Pozo through Navajo Canyon.

Now, you can fetch your bike here and begin mountain biking all by yourself. Setting up your own tour is one option while the other is to indulge in a customized bike tour. The tour operators make sure that their local expertise and experience can see you through your tour successfully. They may also cater a package including lodging and transportation.

Californian bike tours witness countless riders each year. It is true that having a ride along the beautiful coast here is quite irresistible. And the benevolent weather, thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the long distance ride is a thousand times more enchanting.

The rural roads here are present with no traffic at all, making it much easier for you to venture into the forests, meadows or vineyards. You can also feast your eyes at the beach towns and seaside agricultural areas while riding.

Much to the convenience of the Mountain bikers, Mammoth Mountain in California's Eastern Sierras is one of the many ski resorts here. You will find extensive trail network that is well maintained. And how about, the water coolers, restrooms and phones made available at most points.

It’s about time that you realize your dreams in California. If mountain biking is your passion then California is the right place to be in. What you get is more than what is told here.

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