Riding a bike is perhaps the best way to connect with your childhood! It brings immense pleasure and joy and also helps in saving a lot of pollution. With the advent of electric bikes the entire idea of biking has become even more interesting and is also throwing open various opportunities. The electric bikes have become even more important in the present scenario when the Earth is hustling with an energy crisis.Electric bikes are basically bicycles powered by batteries. The batteries are generally used to provide a constant supply of power to pedals which makes riding the bike effortless. However, the electric bikes have to comply with the regulations which vary across the world. Nonetheless the popularity of electric bikes is catching on like a forest fire across the world.Electric Bikes derive their power from batteries. One of the most important component of an electric bike id the propulsion through motor powered pedals. In fact, electric bike are distinguished from motorized vehicle by their ability to be powered by pedals alone. The electric bikes are classified into various types according to the frequency of pedaling.

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