Holland offers fascinating sights to see. What better way to see them than with boat and bike cruises designed to take you to the most popular spots? In fact, some individuals believe that touring Holland by bike is perhaps the best way to experience this land as the Dutch have for so long. Combining biking with sailing offers a bit of enjoyable variety.
At any rate, a bike tour is certainly an entertaining and enjoyable way to tour Holland. Experienced, knowledgeable guides take you on your journey to different unique spots. Each of these locations has something to offer in the way of sightseeing merit.
Many bike and boat tours are offered throughout Holland. A few of them are explored here with a listing of their highlights.
The Historical City Bike Tour begins in the city of Amsterdam and lasts for three glorious hours. The Amsterdam Culinary Bike Tour also begins in Amsterdam. This bike tour is a marvel of culinary delights that tempt and please at the same time. The cuisine is authentic, with flavorful qualities that date back to the medieval era.
The four-day Tulip Bike and Barge Tour is a fascinating jaunt throughout the countryside of Holland. This cruise offers the gorgeous display of tulips as well as daffodils and hyacinths throughout the spring as well as other delightful scenic panoramas. During this cycling tour, guests will visit the annual flower exhibition held at the Keukenhof. The daily bike ride ranges between 10 and 20 miles.
The Bike and Barge Tour in Northern Holland lasts for eight wonderful days of guided touring. Guests board the luxury barge known as the Iris. All of your meals and bike rentals are included with the purchase price of your ticket. This journey also features an experienced guide.
The Spring Flower Holland and Belgium Tour provides cyclist with a taste of two scenic countries. Guests will enjoy the annual flower exhibition held at the Keukenhof, a horse and carriage ride through Bruges, a look at the famous Belfry Tower, and several museums. Plus, they will touch upon the cities of Antwerp, Terneuzen, and Willemstad. From the famous windmills of Kinderdijk to the tasty cheeses of Gouda to the gorgeous medley of spring flowers, cyclists will have so much to see and do, they'll wish they had another eight days to do so.
The North Holland Tour offers a cultural journey aboard a barge with more than 100 miles of cycling. This eight-day cruise travels along the Dutch coastline with a short visit to the island of Texel. Beautiful scenery, small fishing villages, and a taste of culture greet cyclists from almost every angle. One of the highlights of this cycling tour includes the Zuiderzee Museum, a fascinating open-air experience where the staff is fully clothed in the traditional Dutch style. Another highlight is a trip to the Alkmaar cheese market for a tasty experience. Other stops include the cities of Edam, Amsterdam, Volendam, Alkmaar, Enkhurizen, and Hoorn.
The Bike and Barge Tour Holland Castles and Fortified Towns Route provides an eight-day journey that starts and finishes in Amsterdam. This cycling tour travels through eastern Holland and stops at several Hanseatic trading towns. Numerous castles and estates dot the area as well. Cyclists will view famous paintings by Van Gogh at the Kr''ller Mller Museum as well as one of Holland's national parks, De Hoge Veluwe.
The Bike and Barge Tour of North and South Holland takes guests on an eight-day cruise with nightly accommodations aboard the barge. With this cycling holiday, guests will enjoy the exquisite landscape paintings of Rembrandt van Rijn, the famous Dutch painter. Additionally, they will sample the historical culture of Holland that can be found in Leiden and Haarlem. From the ports of Hoorn to the sandy beaches and dunes, this is a biking tour to remember.
The Bike and Barge Holland River Country Route is another of the eight-day tours. It features a journey that follows the rivers of Holland including the Lek, Linge, and Bergse Maas. Both sailing and biking takes tourists to several fascinating spots including the medieval castles of Ammershoyen and Loevestein, the fortified towns of Heusden and Gorinchem, and Biesbosch, a famous reserve.
No matter what bike and barge tour you decide to take, your experience is bound to be culturally rewarding. Quite a few unique boat and bike cruises are offered for exploring Holland. Start with one and work your way through with a different journey each year.

Thijs Hodde is a freelance captain and writer and works for Amsterdam City Cruises, Daily canal and river cruises in Holland. Book canal cruises in Amsterdam and Boat & Bicycle cruises in Holland online.