Have you already planned to hire services of bike rentals NYC for bike rental Central Park during your New York travel? Then you'll need to be prepared for the biking tour. Since the bike tour on the bike or the bicycle is going to make your body tiresome and sore you need to train your legs, lungs and body in a perfect way. Even though you are a fit person, this tour may make you exhausted if you are not prepared in advance.

Firstly, you need to analyze that the bile that you have is apt for the bike tour or not. Even though you have been riding your bike or bicycle for quite some time, it is going to be difficult when there is an actual bike tour. There is difference between regular riding and the bike tour. Thus, you must visit go to a nearby sports store where you may find different range of bicycles. Test them and see if they are better than the current one you already have.

If you are using your own bicycle for this, you need to become comfortable with your bicycle. For this you must start taking rides in the area where traffic is less. Do this some days prior to the bike tour and practice this for an hour every day. You must start with riding 10 miles in one hour and then slowly and steadily you must add miles and time to your target. Once you are comfortable take up riding 40 mile and that is around 4 hours, you must put panniers and picnic supplies on the bicycle. Now, you must ride it on the picnic place for some time.

You may even take up grocery shopping with the loaded panniers. This is a good way of becoming bike-savvy before actually paying for the bike rental NYC. You must even take rides on the hilly areas once you get accustomed to the gears and the bike's speed and all. If there are hilly terrains near your house then it will really help you out. And if not, then it would be apt to purchase a nominal cost exercise bike having the feature of uphill work out position.  The pre programmed sessions will help you to get trained in exercising with going 3-4 hills up and then down option.

The author is an enthusiastic traveler especially interested in bike tours. He has experience of hiring the services of many Bike rentals NYCduring his tours to the city. This has made him an expert online reviewer of bike tours and bike rentals NYC.

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