I have a touring bike but due to the fact that I go over the city w/ it, and into every pothole, I'm interested in a mountain bike tire. But is it to wide? My bike rims can only accept a tire that is 1 and a half inch.

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5 Responses to Is it possible to put a mountain tire on a touring bike?

  1. SoccerRefToo says:


    You can only put a tire on the rim that will fit it. There is a maximum and minimum width tire that will on any rim. So take the bike to the bike shop, and ask them what they suggest.

    You should avoid potholes on ANY bike you ride. A wider smooth tire is what you would be looking for. BUT, you should also be looking for a tire that can hold a high pressure. So, wider, smooth, and high pressure may help.


  2. Yon Gamarra says:

    First is the issue of size. If your touring bike has 700c tires you can't put a 26" tire on it. A mountain tire will slow you down quite a bit due to the knobby tread, and will be less efficient on asphalt. Mountain tires are made for less pressure, so the hard sharp potholes will bump on the rim and chew up your inner tubes.

    Just go with the max. your rims will take in a smooth, good quality tire that can take high pressure.

  3. John Milnic says:

    You can go with a wider tire. It will depend on the brake and frame clearance. Knobby tires are terrible on the road just get something wider.


  4. Tim C says:

    700C x 38 is probably the best you can do with your current rims. Try that before spending a lot more money to change wheels if your frame will even accept wider tires and wheels.

  5. joejoe says:

    Yes, you can. Just make sure the tire is the right size.

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