Luz Ardiden downhill by Peter Thomson July 2006

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16 Responses to Luz Ardiden Downhill – Thomson Bike Tours

  1. thienly says:

    song at 4:20? sounds like 90s trance. nice descent btw

  2. triki27 says:


  3. benmickel says:

    Why spoil a nice video with this gay music. It's cliche`.

  4. Quirkification says:

    videos like this make me wanna move to the mountains.

  5. edster1000 says:


    pretty sure its grust

    has anyone skated this, i'm planning to have a few days here from a surf trip and take the speedboard. I've researched the gradient and all is good, only worry is the tarmac quality, any advice would be good, thanks

  6. JoeeWalton says:

    is that saint-sauveur at the end or is it one of the little towns, like grust etc..?

  7. sabregold1987 says:

    Oh, where is that drop?

  8. Triple777ER says:

    LOLOLOL, best comment on youtube!

  9. twirlingchair says:

    ok now who's willing to follow Peter uphill? anyone?

  10. superbagner says:

    arytonjames you probably will need to change your shorts doing 25 miles per hour. Fag? you probably like to dress in pink underwear and do bike riding without a seat... just the dirty boy...

  11. distortedmotion says:

    How fast did you actually go? What camera?
    Hey I got some quick decending videos.

  12. distortedmotion says:

    Yep nothing like hitting the magic 50mph!
    Whats the fastest you have ever gone?

  13. arytonjames says:


  14. weeJJ1 says:

    Your downhill skills are all right but you are still a bit slow compared to the members of the Mythical 16. Last year, le couchon or le reveur were faster on this road. They wouldn't have hesitated overtaking that black car.

  15. JohnMcE26 says:

    Enjoyed watching this! Done a few fast descents myself in Mournes (Ireland) but not as long as this one! Great buzz at 50mph on the Bike!

  16. bilobell1987 says:

    u started off slow but became reele fast towards end good descending, lean in a bit more, wen ther r no cars. but well done

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