Exploring India on a bike is amazing experience all together for the people who want to ride a Motorcycle in India especially in Indian mountains & Himalaya. You will explore Buddhist monasteries, beautiful villages, snow capped mountains in Ladakh & Himachal Pradesh.

You need to be a good rider for riding Royal Enfield in Indian Mountains especially in Ladakh region of India. Normally if you are going for India for a Motorcycle tour then you should take a Motorcycle tour operating company for the best & secure motorcycle tours in India that will provide all services with back up vehicle & other services required by riders. Best route for Ladakh tour is from Manali to Leh & length is 1500 for whole trip to Ladakh tour on Motorcycle.

Best time to visit Ladakh on Motorcycle is from June to September. It is always recommend to take a good Motorcycle tour company that can take acre for everything from best accommodation to back up vehicle. It is very difficult to ride a motorcycle because place is new and you don't know the climatic conditions there. These companies provide well experienced staff to take care of everything and they have latest equipment & good motorcycle so that you can ride a Motorcycle with adventure and fun and these companies take care for your security & safety.

Ladakh is a part of Jammu & Kashmir in India & situated on high altitude above 10000 ft. Is is also known as little Tibet for its beautiful picturesque & scenic Buddhist monasteries & villages and much more you will explore in this region.


Motorcycle tour to Ladakh will give you an ultimate adventure and frankly it is not a normal bike tour t as you will cross some amazing zig zag stretches along with snow coated mountains. It is stressful too but if you hire a professional bike tour operating company they will definitely make this tour a comfortable one.

For Motorcycle tours call Royal Bike Riders today and this is one of the most professional bike tour operator in India

for bike tours to Ladakh.

Royal Bike Riders was set up by Yogesh Kumar, who still runs ground operations & lead all tours in India. Having first travelled to the India in 2004 by Royal Enfield 350 cc, He bought a Bullet, taught himself to ride and covered some 30,000 km. He later founded Royal Bike Riders & now Yogesh takes everything very personally.