We are both fairly athletic and would love to take a 4-5 day/ no more than 20-25 miles per day biking tour through the Tuscan countryside this spring. We would rather take someone's recommendation on a tour company than weed through all the ones out there. Thanks for your help!

One Response to My husband and I would like to take a biking trip through Tuscany, does anyone have any tours they recommend?

  1. marya says:

    A few years ago we just rented bikes from Florence -the maps were supplied and took off. Stayed one night in a hostel in the middle of nowhere between Florence and SanGiminiano and the other night in Siena in a hotel. There was no tour organizer -just the bike rental.We had no problems whatsoever -except, of course, in Italy the traffic signs stop when you need them most but intuition will carry you far.
    You don't need a tour organizer -just fly to Italy, rent the bikes and off you go. Tuscany is so densely populated that you always find food and lodging so you don't have to carry a lot -and just rent the bikes. If you get hold of good maps beforehand the better.
    Our 3 days were unforgettable -we loved it -and it was far more simple than I thought. We had the night lodgings ready by booking ourselves on the internet as we looked at maps and figured good places -but one could probably find a lodging also without booking in advance. It is not difficult to book a cheap flight , rent the bikes and be off. Italy is dysorganized on the outside but wverything will organize itself -thats the way of Italy.
    Of course you can arm yourself with a lot of "stuff" from bottles to rain gear to -but you get along with less- Siena is a must, Florence good on winter Sunday mornings, say the Florentians -as it is so full of tourists. Pisa of course too and Lucca and -- Tuscany is lovely.
    If you can study Italian for a few hours -I had time for about 5 hours -no language study has ever benefitted me more than that did. Italians are for communication, if they have any idea what you try to say.
    If English is your mother tongue you need a cassette to practice understandable pronounciation but a few simple sentences and phrases will carry you far.

    Bon viaggio!

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