Want to make your dream holidays come true? You can! Gears and Grapes back you up in this try.  Santa Barbara wine tour has attracted the world wide tourists. Napa valley tours can surely bring back your energy. Napa valley truly is unique in its remarkable suitability for the production of wine grapes. Hence the picnics are arranged as Napa wine tours. It is a complete rejuvenation package.

On its both side mountains, the Napa Valley stretches about 30 miles to the northwest of California. Its width is ranging from five miles at the widest point near the city of Napa to just a mile where the valley narrows near the town of Calistoga. Many tectonic plates (large pieces of the earth's crust) have collided with North America to form California. As a result, there are many geological faults in the area, which have molded the topography of the Napa Valley and the mountains that surround it.

A tailor perfect place for Napa valley tours. Such picnics enhance the joy when you have the right company. Either family or friends round your picnic.

Out of routine and mechanical life, you will be amidst beautiful Nature enjoying Santa Barbara wine tour or bike tour arranged by Napa valley tours. Imagine spending time with family or friends, laughter, good mouth watering gourmet food and wine tasting! What can one wish more than this on earth?

Gears and Grapes whisk you away on the ultimate Napa valley tours, Santa Barbara wine tour. Napa Valley is California's most gorgeous and glamorous wine region, due to its warm, sunny days which have made it a world leader in bringing out the best wines!

Gears and Grapes will take the tourists to handpicked vineyards which produce the highest quality wine in Northern California. Visitors will be accompanied by guides who have the authentic wine knowledge. A wide range of fruits and vegetable thrive here. Excellent food, bike tour or bike vacations, exorbitant nature, and wine tasting!

Gears and grapes play excellent hosts as far as Napa valley tours are concerned. The holistic approach to the customer satisfaction is the motto of Gears and grapes. We invite you once but you come often.

Gears and Grapes Getaways, Inc. provides active vacations while enjoying the nuances of luxury. Our tours consist of bicycling through the beautiful regions of Napa and Sonoma while stopping to taste wine, eat incredible meals and stay in luxury accommodations.

Author Arianne Goodman write here about Napa valley wine tour organized by Gears and grapes. Leaving no stone unturned they have taken pains to give pleasure to visitors. Santa Barbara wine tour and Napa valley wine tours are the best thing that can happen!

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