Royal Enfield is reckoned as the World’s oldest motorcycles which are still being manufactured. The origin of these motorbikes can be traced to the year 1898 during when the Enfield Cycle Company was a brand of British Engineering Firm. The first one designed under the brand ‘Royal Enfield’ was a Quadricycle. The apparatus was inspired due to its extensive usage in World War I and II.

It was in the year 1955 when the Indian Enfield Company took the license for assembling the motorbike in the country. By 1962 Enfield saw it in-house manufacturing plant set up in India.

The bike

There are five models of Royal Enfields available in the market. They are: Thunderbird Twinspark, Bullet Machismo 500, Bullet Machismo, Bullet Electra 5S and Bullet 350. All these bikes are sturdy and perfect for riding in the mountains. Still people who go for biking tours in Rajasthan and South India they prefer 350 cc engines whereas the ones which go to more strenuous regions like Leh-Ladakh use the 500cc engine bikes.

These lean machines have higher torques, improved suspensions and greater cruising speeds. These are designed for rough roads and that’s why they are such a hit with bikers traveling to high altitudes. The machismo bullet with a 500 cc bike is less about horsepower and more about the quality of driving.

Are there any pre-requisities to riding royal enfields? Yes you got to know your bike well. You got to bond with, understand it and most importantly love it. Royal enfields popularly known as bullets are inspired from their British make. Although they have had some improvements over decades they still retain their classis look and sturdiness.

One thing about these bikes is that you develop a bond with them over a period of time. Every time you tighten a screw or fix a bolt in the bike, the nervousness in you transcends and is understood by your bike. These beauties needs time investment and great maintenance until they develop a character of their own to withstand all that you do and become your loyal companion forever.

Royal Enfield Adventure in India

There are several bike freaks in India who take their passion seriously. They have ended up forming bikers gangs. Many such groups generally organize tours on a daily basis where they travel to different parts of the country.

The class of people that Royal Enfield has cut out, it is very customary to see these unconventional ones form groups and set out on the untrodden horizons. With Enfield as their faithful companion and mountains and barren lands to accompany all throughout the way the biking experience is a class apart.

Be it adventure traveling to the highest motorable pass in India or smoothly sailing through the calm backwaters of Kerala or gliding through the deserts of Rajasthan, the country appears more incredible when seen from the seat of Enfield. The legendary roaring sound of the engine accompanies you throughout your journey.

Even if you are a bike enthusiast from abroad, you would never want to return back home after having explored India on Enfields. The Biker groups will make sure that that you have well researched itineraries, a support staff that stays with you at any hour of the day and mechanics which come to your rescue when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

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