I seen some pics of people having a third wheel attachment to the back of their bikes for carrying more stuff on their bike whats that called? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bicycle_touring.jpg

If I put one of them on a cyclocross bike would that make it a good touring bike? Will that third wheel attachment slow the bike down?

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2 Responses to What are those third wheel things for bike touring called?

  1. Bob A says:

    They are called Bob trailers and you can use them with about any bike you want. Yes they will slow you down especially on the hills. Any extra weight will be noticed on the hills.


  2. mtrlbiker says:

    The only downside to touring with a cyclocross bike and a bob trailer is that most cyclocross bikes lack triple chainrings and wide enough gearing to pull a load up a long hill. If your cyclocross bike is equipped with a touring drivetrain, it might work very well as long as your brakes are up to stopping the extra load on downhills, and the frame is strong enough to be stable with trailer pulling and pushing at the bike. If you are hauling a really heavy load, a touring bike which has more stable geometry and a stronger frame and wheels will work better than a cyclocross bike

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