This bike is perfect for a commuter vehichle.. I like the smaller engine displacement as it seems all touring bikes available in America are well over 1000cc. Any ideas?

3 Responses to What is a similar touring bike as a Honda Deauville that is available in America?

  1. david z says:

    youve got a "tourer" thats under 1000cc????!!!?!@?!??!!?!?@?!@?!@????????

    honda makes(or made maybe) a pacific coast... kinda like a goldwing but 1000ccs smaller. its an 800 and the GW is 1800

  2. tonuprocker says:

    BMW f800ST is a great choice if you have the cash another option is the suzuki SV650 as it can be modified to a touring style bike and is a solid commuter

  3. Larry B says:

    If your heart is not set on a NEW bike, take a look at the Honda Pacific Coast (PC800). They were produced from 1989 to 1998. Many turn up used in good shape with out a lot of miles. It's a great sport tourer and commuter. There is an active user group at where you can find out more.

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