A good recumbent exercise bike can be had for less money than it might appear at first. For one thing, it is not imperative to choose a club bike or a commercial exercise machine to get a great workout or to get a bike that will last for a long time and perform well for the long haul. In fact, many of the most highly rated recumbent bikes are very much in the middle of the price range for exercise bikes. Here are some tips for getting a bike that will help you reach your goals.

The medium priced stationary bikes offer superior value. That may be important if your budget makes the very top bikes less attractive to you. That does not mean the higher price tag bikes are not worth a look, it's just as the price rises, the features added come at a higher and higher outlay and that can be a deciding factor for many. But buying quality is certainly not a waste of money. On the other hand, cheaper bikes often are exactly that. Inexpensive bikes many times lack the heft and construction quality to stand up to regular riding. That often means a short life for a cheap bike and a high price considering the early failure and less than positive experience. Often the Schwinn recumbent bikes are a popular choice. The Schwinn recumbents like the Schwinn 240 recumbent and the Schwinn Active 20 series bikes offer a lot of features but at less of an entry fee than many other models, especially those in the higher end of the home user range, much less the gym bikes or commercial models.

Fighting boredom often associated with exercise bike routines is one function that is easier with newer stationary bikes. Boredom reduction happens as computer power is added. By teaming a magnetic resistance drive with computer programming the ability to simulate real road conditions for a workout is within one's grasp. Adding lots of workout options adds to the cost of bikes and largely explains the difference in price for some of the medium range bikes and the much higher priced models. But even many of the less costly options include the required magnetic drives and several custom programs with riding simulations ready to go as well as including the option of designing your own workout routine to fight back boredom and make workouts more interesting and maybe even fun.

One large advantage of most modern recumbent bikes is the magnetic drive system. What's the big deal? Well it's just magnetic resistance that gets generated by the pedaling that is responsible for the load that you are pedaling against. The resistance on many older bikes was a friction drum or belt. That was subject to constant wear and was a source of on-going maintenance. Then the dual action bikes like the Schwinn Air dyne produce higher resistance simply because the rider is turning a big fan. In either case, you get noise and commotion. On the contrary with most recumbents you simply get quiet and silence at the same time as you get a load to work against. That quiet ride means a more comfortable ride as well as an environment conducive to reading, watching movies or just thinking in quiet!

An exercise bike workout can be so much better if the boredom factor can be controlled. One way to get some more interest along with workouts is with the readouts available on many parts of the workout. Not just the basics like speed and times, but much more information is available to riders of the better bikes. It no longer is just the club bikes and commercial bikes that include many interesting outputs. Many less expensive bikes like the lower level Schwinn recumbent bikes like the Active 20 Series bikes include lots of information to make workouts less boring and more interesting.

Boredom stops many an exercise program. Steady pedaling over a long time leads to total boredom. It doesn't have to be however. Computer programming builds in lots of workout routines. The computer in connection with the quiet drive simulates a wide variety of road workouts. Variety fights boredom and the bike computer provides the variety.

The recumbent stationary bike, at it's best, makes working out more satisfying and less of a pain. Get too little bike however and it's an exercise in frustration and lack of progress as you watch and feel it do a self-destruct as the money you spent to buy the thing virtually evaporates.

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