My mom refuses to buy me a good quality bmx bike because i usually break them because they are not good quality. Shes not cheap because she just bought me an ipod touch. does anyone know where can i get a job at 15?

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  1. Liz says:

    i would look at dick's sporting goods thats where im getting mine. and also look at stores around your neighborhood to see if theyre hiring, you might be suprised at the number of places that are looking for teens to work. also the library has tutoring for the summer and also they need people to just help out thats what i do.

  2. bmxisgay says:

    First off:

    Your mom is just like every other good mom on the face of this planet. She doesn't want to let you get involved in something dangerous or expensive in hospital bills. She may also be concerned that you will become one of those dead beat hippy bmxers that wont be able to take care of her when she gets old. Either way she doesn't realize that limiting your physical activities to jockish teem sports increases her chances of raising a complete dutche bag.

    Second of all:

    Tell your mom you don't want an Ipod, and beg for the bmx bike. To sway the argument hit her with bargans from the internet like these:

    All of which will beat ther F out of buying a brand new bike from a bike shop or dans

    but if shes to prissy for a deal just go for dans and make sure you get a complete where the frame is 100% 4130 chromo.


    thousands of immigrant kids died back in the late 18 to early 1900s so you wouldn't have to. so enjoy school, and take it seriously. but if you need some spare bux start asking for cash for holidays and birth days. You can also start working extra hard around the house to guilt trip the parents into doling out a bigger allowance.

    so stay committed to the cause and see if your friends can help you get into bmx if they can.

  3. Andrew says:

    dont bmx its gay

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