The best exercise bike reviews are more than just a list of features since that may not tell much of the tale. That's so since many bikes even in different price ranges are full of about the same features. Get too little machine and the amount you spend may be all for nothing...

If a bike sits around and isn't used, most any model will do. Serious, hard use produces lots of stress on any exercise machine. Lightweight bikes come apart under stress and that's exactly what happens with hard and regular use. Lighter, cheap exercise bikes often start to self-destruct almost immediately and offer little value. But that might no be so easy to intercept from looking at the specs of a bike.

Often the inexpensive bikes look on-paper much like the high priced exercise bikes but that list of features does not make them comparable. That's especially true since almost all bikes now include a sort of magnetic drive and the related programmable controls as well. Like features makes it look like the machines are about the same except for the prices. That may not be true though and this is why...

It really may be that the difference in basic construction really separates the two seemingly-similar machines... But then inexpensive bikes really often get used just a little anyway. That's so because the bikes that are not put together very well are less than great fun to use and are oft so aggravating to use that they won't get used much as a result and will just sit there. Could that be the plan? Since a cheap bike that's frustrating to use will get used so little it may not wear out after all and that means few warranty costs. Below par quality bikes may actually quietly sit somewhere and turn to clutter and eventually to trash.

On the contrary, better built bikes encourage hard use and stand up to it and thus offer results and value. Best values often appear in the mid-priced bikes. That's so because you get quality construction as well as good electronics capability.

Some of the best selling bikes are far from the cheapest but still show up well in exercise bike reviews even at higher prices. Some of the bikes like the dual action Airdyne and similar bikes are in a category separate from others. Paying a moderate amount for a machine often gets the best value since the bike will last and work for a long time and is pleasant to use as well.

Get our article about the Schwinn Airdyne, a classic machine that is worth a closer look.

Popular, and a deluxe choice, is the Lifecycle exercise bike.

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