The best recumbent exercise bike must do several things well. To get the best bike, check out reviews to see how the bike stacks up in several critical areas. Several mid-priced bikes offer good combinations of features at a fair price. Here are some of what you could look for in the bike that might be best for you. Often the mid-priced bikes possess all these features which make it unnecessary to pay a huge price to get a very useful machine to help you get fit and in shape.Tip 1 -- ElectronicsCoupled with that quiet drive you get more electronics. This nearly essential part of the best bike for you can control the resistance settings. So what? That's how you get simulated rides. By varying the resistance over time, the built-in computer makes the bike feel like a real-world ride through varying terrain. That's another fine way to make riding fun and eliminate boring rides.Most exercise bikes now include computers for riding simulation.Tip 2 -- Look At How It's BuiltCompare the look and weight of cheap bikes and expensive bikes. You want a bike with plenty of weight, otherwise it's going to rock, slide and move around as you use it. That's no fun and if the bike moves while you're using it, eventually things are going to break. Look at the weight of the bike and notice how it compares to the weight of the multi-thousand dollar bikes. Now look at how you move the bike around.Tip 3 -- ResistanceMost likely the resistance you face as you pedal is a magnetic system. Most bikes now are self contained with no cords and no outlet required. The pedaling generates the resistance. That's what you probably want, so check it out. Is the resistance system quiet? See what owners say about the noise level. Tip 4 -- PriceRecumbent exercise bikes range in price from just a small price to big money. Here's the deal, if you pay too little you are likely throwing your money away. A very cheap bike may have many of the features of a quality bike, but may be so poorly constructed that it is impossible to use. On the other hand, many medium price machines, like the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike, are very reasonably priced but very high in quality.Tip 5 -- Works For EverybodyA stationary recumbent bike especially spares the back and is often used in rehabilitation because it's less likely to cause injury and is especially easy to get on and go. Comfort is a strong point of recumbent stationary bicycles and that isn't just o make it easier to use either. It's also to make it more likely that the machine gets used often and hard too.The best recumbent exercise bike will combine a quiet resistance with powerful computer power. The bike should be heavy and stable for a solid ride and include a comfortable seat with plenty of adjustment. If you can get all that at a moderate price, you may be on the right track.

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