The Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike isn't the cheapest upright bike you can consider.  Beware that the cheapest exercise bikes are often uprights, but all uprights aren't the same.  This machine won't quickly come apart on you like the cheap bikes will.  Uprights are compact and ride like a road bike, but make sure the bike you choose is well built and has the features you need.  Here are four reasons the Schwinn 130 may be a good choice.

Upright Advantages

An upright rides like a road bike and that's what many prefer.  A recumbent puts you in a reclining position which may not be your preference.  Also recumbent are bulky and heavy too.  Now you need a bike with some weight to make it stable, but a bike like the 130 is easier to move and store compared to a recumbent.

Will It Endure?

Cheap exercise bikes often come apart fast.  You see a bike that sways and rocks literally tears itself apart.  As it's tearing itself apart, it becomes less and less pleasant to ride.  That's why you need a quality machine.  Long life in a bike depends on good design and construction.  The 130 has been sold in such volume that you can find many owner comments.  Schwinn bikes aren't the cheapest, but they are well built.

Computer Power

Pedaling can be very boredom.  That may be a main reason many exercise bikes remain unused.  That's where electronics is valuable.  Pre-programmed workout routines vary the resistance over the workout.  That's a way to fight back boredom.  Introduce some variation to your workout and make each workout more fun. 

You Want Quiet

Quiet you get with a magnetic drive.  That's what produces a smooth and silent ride so you can read or listen to music or watch videos as you pedal.  A smooth, quiet ride is easier on your nerves too.  Who wants to listen to a lot of rattling and clanging?  The 130 gives you 6 preset courses and 16 resistance levels too.

You have all kinds of exercise bike choices.  A quality upright like the Schwinn 130 is worth a look if you want a lot of machine for a moderate price.


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