One of the worst mistakes you can make when choosing an exercise bike is spending too little money. Here's why... Cheap bikes self-destruct and are no fun to use while they last. Lightweight construction of a stationary bike usually translates to rocking, rolling and swaying. None of that is particularly an encouragement to hard use since it suggests that you may at any time be dumped from the bike. What's more, the excess motion often loosens nuts and bolts and may even crack joints and welds. All that taken together means no fun and an early grave for an exercise machine. As a contrast, the Schwinn 230 exercise bike offers good value, but at a fair price too. The 230 is noted for 3 particular advantages.Quietness.Like many modern stationary bikes, the 230 comes with a magnetic drive that provides resistance to pedaling. That's the load you work against as you pedal. That contrasts with a fan drive like the Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike or a friction drive as found on some lesser machines. The magnetic drive is almost whisper quiet. That way you can watch movies or read a book and you get to do it in quiet. You can even listen to music while you pedal away. Quiet workouts for some riders likely result in longer pedaling sessions and more results in a shorter period of time.Comfortable position and seating.The seat on these bikes gets much praise. It's a big almost reclining seat that's rated high for comfort. Plus the seat is on a sliding rail so it fits just about anybody. It's comfort all the way. That way you can ride longer and harder and still be comfortable. This contrasts with upright exercise bikes that may have comfortable seats but your weight is still concentrated in a smaller area and that leads to pain for some users. In addition, the reclined posture works better for some users with back troubles since there is little strain on the back simply because of the position you pedal in.Fights boredom. Why do exercise bike owners not ride those machines? Easy... Boredom. Let's face it, mindlessly pedaling away for long periods of time at the same pace with little distraction is not most people's idea of fun, far from it actually. One way to win over boredom is with the built-in programmable workouts. That's another way this machine is rated high. It has lots of workout routines to keep the rides interesting and fun. You can mix up workouts and fight back the boredom. The workouts of course are possible because of the computer interface with the magnetic current resistance system and makes for quiet as well as variation to the steady pedal routine.The Schwinn 230 exercise bike is a good value and a quality machine. Ride in quiet and comfort on this machine. You also get plenty of computer power so you can avoid the boredom of pedaling. Here's another thing... You can buy these bikes at a big discount off of retail price, if you buy at the right place... Another newer model now available is the Schwinn 240 recumbent exercise bike. Very similar to the 230, the newer model comes with several refined features. Another option in a smaller and lighter bike is the Schwinn Active 20 Series recumbent exercise bike.

Pedal stationary bikes to stay in shape no matter what the time of year or weather. A schwinn airdyne exercise bike helps you burn fat with a proven machine.

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