The Schwinn AirDyne upright exercise bike remains for all practical purposes unchanged after being on the market for roughly 30 years. The bike is sought out even though the design has barely been changed in many years and cannot match many of the features of more modern designs. Core features of the bike are rugged, simple construction; fan resistance and the dual action workout option. Here are some of the reasons why the features are valued and the bikes still sell.

Firstly, the composition and design of the Airdyne Ergometer, as it's frequently referred to, is of quite stout duty nature. At about 100 pounds, the machine is heavy enough to stay put under heavy pedaling and pumping and not one to rock and sway. You may have experienced what happens when lesser bikes are used for serious pedaling. Light stationary bikes tend to move under stress resulting in a shaky ride that certainly does not inspire hard use. In fact hard use of cheap bikes is somewhat of a spooky feeling since you can get that feeling of an impending fall. What's more, the movement of lesser bikes often produces cracked components or joints and complete failure over time. None of this is a worry with the Airdyne. The construction is long-lived and confidence inspiring encouraging hard work and faster results. As for the results, here's where the design helps with fitness too.

As the original dual action machine the bike provides a workout for both upper and lower body. That means a more balanced sort of workout and better results since more muscles are involved in the process. In addition, working all the muscle groups builds strength too as it works the cardio system at the rider pace. By building strength, the natural result is an increase in the basal, or at-rest metabolism, which is the real key to long-term weight loss and increased fat burning. That's the sort of results expected from the classic Airdyne as well as from the newer Airdyne Evolution Comp.

Central to the manner the Airdyne works is the fan resistance technique. The load worked against is not a magnetic or friction drive but a simple fan turning. The faster the fan goes, the higher the pedaling load and the more work the rider performs. It's simple to match the load to your desired effort level and it all is smooth and infinitely variable as well. Unlike many other bikes, there is little to wear on the bike. What's more there is hardly any electronics and thus few parts to fail and cause trouble.

A durable bike that's easy to use and comfortable to ride will more likely get used which of course is the only way it does any good anyway. Plus with the pedaling and pumping motion the rider gets a more balanced workout that can likely produce better and faster results. Read more about the bikes at our other articles and see how the bikes hold up over time.

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