I was thinking about getting a dirtbike and putting street tires, just to get around town easier. About how much gas do those use, and how fast do they normally go? Where is a website to find more information on it? I wouldn't like to spend much more than 600$ Are there other kinds of motorcycles that get better milage? What is a good website to buy used bikes from without getting ripped off or scammed with something that will break down?

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3 Responses to What are good cheap bikes that don’t use much gas?

  1. a19bk66 says:

    we bought 2 coolster dirt bikes about a week or two ago there real cheap and cheap on gas too. you may want to see if they offer a street version

  2. Robert W says:

    someone where I work has a lifan 200cc dual sport. they are $800-$1200 brand new, depending on if you uncrate and assemble yourself or buy from a dealer. he says it gets around 100mpg, but I don't believe that, probably around 70-80mpg is more realistic.

  3. € h ë m ‡€ ã L says:

    usually when you are looking at motorcycles....good ...and..cheap....really dont go together,,,,what do you want?...a good one?...or a cheap one?.....qlink gets good reviews.....but your best bet is to stick with the popular brands.....honda and yamaha are among the most reliable......i think honda has one that starts out at a couple grand...and is good on gas too.....probably not a very big engine, but itll get you around town.

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