I would like it if it had a small sprocket. And does anyone know any good bmx sites?

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4 Responses to What is a good cheap bmx bike? or a good bmx site that sells cheap bikes?

  1. imchrisiskate (Now I BMX) says:

    i know a few....
    the best site is Danscomp.com...when i say best i really mean it it has everything
    another site is staff-bmx.com but its not as good

  2. MrPremium says:

    It depends where you are. If your in Canada bmxtransition.com or 3ride.com are the best. If your in America, then danscomp.com

  3. bmxisgay says:

    Stock New Bikes/Parts

    Check out your local http://www.craigslist.org
    Shop for used stuff on http://www.ebay.com

    If you have friends that ride they most likely have extra parts they can give you free or real cheep.

  4. KiLE D says:

    Danscomp.com, and type "15off" in the promo code box and you will save %15 on that order.

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