I'm looking for a women's bike and it's hard to find one unless I order one thru a bike shop. I don't care if it's last years model or whatever...I just want a brand new bike for cheap price. I'm looking for Trek, Specialized, Giant road bikes.

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4 Responses to Where can I buy popular brand name bikes cheap?

  1. Carl_the_Truth says:

    No such thing as cheap if you want quality.

  2. a2nauss1e says:

    i would say...if u wanted a cheaper bike...
    usually bikes go on sale during fall-winter because they're trying to get rid of their stock for new stock from the next year...

    so if u can wait, wait for the fall or winter...
    but...quality isn't cheap

  3. Shades9323 says:

    What is cheap? How much are you looking to spend? What kind of bike are you looking at? Do you specifically need a "womans" bike? They tend to cost more. Last month, I bought my wife a 2006 Felt F80(last years model) for $700. That was $300 off of retail. Look for last years bikes.

  4. raph says:

    nothing wrong with getting a used bike because if ur looking for qualitly cheap it would be dificult. you dont need a brand new bike and it doesnt have to be popular or brand name and be all fancy with the names it just has to serve its perpose. get a good used bike and dont go by what the brand name is and how cool it looks but by how it feels and how it rides i say. good luck

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