Does anyone know any place to buy cheap dirt bikes in Vietnam? Now chinese makes cheap bikes but cannot find any dealer. Importing is much more expensive than buying in a local store but I don't know where to buy. I searched everywhere.
Honda and Yamaha bikes in VN are very ugly (But efficient). I need something look like a sport bike. They have Racing bikes but very rare and expensive so currently I am looking for dirt bike. Can import dirt bike but it will put additiional 150% to the price of the bike.

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2 Responses to Where to buy cheap dirt bikes in Vietnam?

  1. bazbikes49 says:

    The cheapest bikes in Vietnam are American, but they are usually hard to get and need repairs, look in any mine field left from the war.

  2. MojaveDan says:

    I know Honda and Yamaha have factories in Vietnam, but I don't think they manufacture dirt bikes. I don't think you can buy a dirt bike for use in Vietnam even if they do manufacture them there because there are not many places to ride a dirt bike in Vietnam.

    I do know that you can get some of the coolest scooters, or what they call motor bikes, in Vietnam. Honda offers the most reliable line of motor bikes there.

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