These RM80 look good, but are they what they say they are? Why are they so dang cheap!! I found like 5 and they like 800 bucks are they really good or just bad dirt bikes?

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4 Responses to Why are RM80 dirt bikes so cheap?

  1. neonguy528 says:

    I'll tell you why. They are made in China. And the workmanship is not that good. Do research and I think you will see to stay away from these bikes. Never be fooled by low prices. And parts. Can you buy parts from somebody close to where you live? I doubt it. Pay more and get quality. Honda, Kawasaki, etc. That is what a smart consumer would do. Good luck.

  2. MXgirl says:

    Don't pay attention to that last comment, that guy doesn't know what he's talking about. An rm80 is just as good as a cr or kx 80. the price of two strokes has gone down, especially for the smaller bikes. If every bike you've looked at is around that price, that's just what they're going for. People right now are in need of money and are willing to let there things go for less then what they are worth.

  3. mudraker61 says:

    Well said mx girl. The 2 strokes like the rm80 and in fact any of the bikes like the cr80 or yz80 are much older bikes and that will dictate the price. They are not something anyone would bother with if they intended to race as against the newer version 85cc 2 strokes they are outdated and really not going to be competitive. In their time they were great little bikes but things have moved on since then and now they are outdated.

  4. Mason says:

    i agree with you two, i dont think this guy knows his sub brands. Or dirt bikes for that matter. Kawasaki yamaha honda, suzuki are all made in china or japan. The reason that they are cheaper is because people have trouble selling the smaller bikes. and just want to get rid of them for bigger toys. as long as they have been kept in good shape.

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