The Schwinn 131 upright exercise bike is one of Schwinn's most expensive models, but it's still a very moderate priced bike.  It's a big seller because you get high value.  Lot of people choose this machine over a cheaper model.  That's probably because the word is out that this model offers a good combination of durable construction, a quiet ride and powerful electronics.

Cheap upright exercise bikes come apart.  It takes good design and construction for an exercise machine to last.  Flimsy bikes move around as you pump the pedals.  The moving starts loosening parts.  It just gets worse the more you ride.  Cheap bikes don't last.  The 131 is heavy enough that it's stable and will hold together.  That's what owners say.

But one of the advantages of an upright bike is the small space they occupy.  Compared to a treadmill or even a recumbent bike, the upright just takes less room.  If room is a factor, an upright is a lot of machine in a relatively small area.

Another key feature is the electronics.  You see boredom stops many folks from pedaling an exercise bike.  The electronics that will make a workout more interesting are the programmable workouts.  This model has a good selection of workouts.  You get 8 preset courses and 10 profiles with 16 resistance levels.  The drive is designed so it's quiet too.

Computer power makes an exercise bike more valuable.  When boredom sets it exercising often ceases.  Built-in computer controlled workouts can keep riding interesting.  The way this works is the computer automatically varies the resistance to pedaling.  That way you get a feel much like a real ride.  The Schwinn 131 has powerful electronics.  That's the main difference in this model and the Schwinn 130.  The 131 electronics is more powerful.

Now there are all kinds of exercise equipment choices.  Very popular now are elliptical machines for example.  Yet many people still buy exercise bikes.  That's because an exercise bike is simple and easy to use.  Few other machines offer more value and let you do a more effective workout.  If you're considering an upright bike, the Schwinn 131 upright exercise bike is a solid choice.


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