Mountain biking, considered the most dangerous form of cycling, is a great way for those who are adrenaline junkie. It also serves as a great way to exercise and just have fun. Mountain bikes are used for this kind of cycling, which are larger than the standard bicycles. Mountain bikes are built with strong materials made for durability and high performance to trail rough roads and terrains. They can also be used anywhere like where standard bikes are used.

If you are interested in mountain biking, then you should learn important things about mountain bikes. Whether you are a beginner or you have already tried riding mountain bikes once, you still should know what things and gears you need to provide yourself easy mountain biking.

First of all, you obviously need a mountain bike to start your new hobby. Mountain bikes are designed to provide high durability and performance especially when trailing off road. The mountain bike usually has 27.5 to 29 inches tire diameter and 1.7 to 2.5 inches in width. The frame of the mountain bikes made from side tubes are smaller compared to the standard bikes. It is best if you get a mountain bike that suits you.

You also need several protective gears with mountain bike helmets being the most important. Helmets are significant to protect your head from severe injuries. Mountain bike helmets can either be cross country, skateboarder style (also known as half shell), or full face helmets. The cross country helmets are more comfortable to wear than the two other types of mountain bike helmets because they are lighter and well ventilated. It is best to use cross country helmets during long period of time usage.

The skateboarder style mountain bike helmets are cheaper and simpler. It fully covers the head with thick and hard plastic shell. The skateboarders style helmet is heavier than the cross country but less ventilated. The full face helmet is the heaviest of all the type of the helmets but it provides the greatest level protection with jaw guard for face protection. Choosing the right helmet to use depends on the rider and what suits him better. You may also use other protection gears you may need are body armor and pads for full body protection.

You may also need mountain biking accessories such as cycling clothes, shoes, gloves, glasses, pump for flat tires, other bike tools, pedals, and water bottles. These are all important especially when you want to take rougher roads and terrains.

The most important thing to consider when you want to begin your mountain biking activity is making sure that you know the don'ts of mountain biking. You have to make sure that you really know how to ride bikes off road and that you can take the bumps and rocky road you are going to meet on the road.

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