Mountain bikes are a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Not only do you get pleasure of viewing beautiful sceneries, the sport is also a great way to keep your body in top shape. What makes mountain bikes unique from other types of bicycles is the performance they give on off road rides. From tires to frames, mountain bikes are built to withstand tremendous amounts of shock and other physical punishments on rides.Off road biking existed as early as bicycles were invented. But the history and development of mountain bikes is often credited to a group of bicycle enthusiasts from California in the 70's who at that time were developing their own versions of the mountain bike. They even held their own races and were responsible for the first ever downhill mountain bike race on Repack Road, in Fairfax, California. The following years lead to the development of the mountain bike and of the sport mountain biking itself. To better chronicle the history of mountain bike and mountain biking, the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame was founded in 1988 with its museum located in Crested Butte Colorado.Overtime, mountain biking has branched out into different sporting categories. The most popular of which are cross-country and downhill mountain biking. Since mountain bikes are designed for off road riding, the main priority is durability. Mountain bikes are usually made up of sturdy frames and highly durable wheels. Suspension systems has become common on most modern mountain bikes Mountain biking is considered an extreme sport thus experience and skills are important factors when choosing mountain bike tracks. Also, riders should make sure to wear industry approved protective gears when riding. This includes helmets, body armor and pads, and gloves.

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