Mens GMC Topkick 26" Dual suspension Bike with Shimano 21 speed index gearing~ For any service questions contact Kent at 1-800-451-KENT (5368) EST., for replacement parts, repair kits, tools and warranty information (or) a full-suspension, extra-strong aluminum frame, the GMC Topkick mountain bike is an ideal choice for both trail riding and rough city riding. The frame employs a floating beam suspension design mated to a Zoom suspension fork with elastomer/spring technology. This gives the bike a smooth, steady performance even on rough terrain. The Topkick's drivetrain, meanwhile, is outfitted with Microshift push shifters that control Shimano's tried-and-true TZ-30GS derailleur. The drivetrain also offers a strong aluminum wheel set with a V-shape rim profile and high-flange alloy hubs. And to keep you stopping smoothly in any circumstance, the Topkick boasts front and rear Promax disc brakes. Disc brakes are vastly superior to rim brakes, especially under adverse road conditions. True to its GMC roots, the Topkick mountain bike is rugged, good looking, and built for the long haul.


-21-speed mountain bike features a full-suspension, strong aluminum frame -Floating beam suspension design is mated to a Zoom suspension fork with elastomer/spring technology -Microshift push shifters and Shimano TZ-30GS derailleur -Strong aluminum wheelset featuring V-shape rim profile and high-flange alloy hubs -Front and rear Promax disk brakes work great, even in adverse conditions


Customer Reviews

By J. Caffarella (Littleton, MA)My fiance and I are avid road cyclists, but wanted MTBs to ride on the trails. After researching MTB's, we decided on the GMC Topkick for her because it received decent customer reviews and offered the most in terms of features, such as alloy frame, dual-suspension and dual disc brakes. We found other MTB's offering similar features, albeit brand name w/ higher end componentry, costing $500+. At $250 w/ free shipping from, the GMC Topkick, manufactured by Kent Bicycles, was too good a deal to pass up. As others reported, the included assembly instructions aren't helpful as they are generic and not specific to assembly of this bike. Since the bike comes 85% assembled, it wasn't too difficult to figure out where things go, and if you're unsure of something, there are plenty of videos available on [...] for reference. After I removed all of the packing material and tape, assembly took about 2.5 hours, which included removal of the knobby tires and replacing them w/ more street worthy tires. It's built like a tank, and at 38 lbs, it's heavy, but at this price point, that was expected. To shave weight, we'll lose the kickstand, reflectors and change the seat post and saddle for alloy and a racing saddle. The front forks can't be locked down and there's more plastic on the bike than I'd like to see. I rate the quality of the componentry on this bike as marginal, and not great, so I don't expect my fiance will get more than a few years out of this bike without having to replace something major, up to and including the bike itself. All and all, for the dollars spent, I think it's a good MTB for recreational road and light trail use.

By Cat Sutfin (LAS VEGAS, NV, US)After searching many places for a bike to replace the one stolen from my 15 year old daughter, we figured this GMC Topkick would be good enough. We were delighted to find that this one is better than the Specialized that was stolen. Even my husband was pleased as he put it together for her. He had never before seen a bicycle with disc brakes and called some of his friends to tell them about it. He had been concerned because we ordered it online without his checking out the physical bike. However, we are all happy with the Topkick and my daughter is happiest of all since she can now win some of the races with her neighborhood friends. This bike is just the ticket for a girl who thought she would have to spend $400-$700 to replace her old bike. Thanks Amazon!

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