once in a while, I look at professional bike riders in magazines or on television and ask myself: "how do they make their work so well?" - Mostly, the differences between professional bikes and serious biker's mountain bikes are not so substantial. The answer I am told when asked, and is also the answer which I believe is true - it's not only what bike you have - what really matters is what you do with it. A good bike provides its rider good performances if the bike is fitted to the rider's dimensions and needs and takes good care of the bike. It's not enough to own a state of the art mountain bike. If you don't take care of it properly, even a pro bike will deteriorate as well and will provide you with only mediocre performances.

Here are some useful tips given to me by professional mountain bike riders on keeping good technical care of your bike:

- Keep your chain lubricated. A lubricated chain will allow you to have a smoother bike ride.

- Replace your chain between 2-3 times a year (depends how much you ride regularly).

- Check all nuts and bolts after rides. Loose nuts or bolts can move important handles and leavers, which if taken out of their fitted position will lower the quality of your bike ride.

- Make sure you ride with the proper air pressure in your tires. When riding in harder terrain, it is recommended to lower air pressure on your bike.

One of the advantages of taking a biking vacation, and to Morzine especially is that you can learn a lot of important information on keeping up your bike from peer bikers and instructors. We're expecting to see you in Morzine this summer!