Mountain biking is a thrilling sport that is will get a smile on your face. However, it does present some danger, so it is better to be prepared and ready as a beginner, then to tackle more than you can handle.To get prepared and ready for mountain biking, take your bike to a flat area with a non-intimidating hill nearby it. There you can get ready for your debut as a mountain biker.Those who have a bike that has clipless or toe clip pedals, will want to make sure they can remove and replace their feet onto their pedals while moving. Practice taking off a foot and putting it back on a pedal while you are pedaling around.While you are riding, you should have a relaxed body with both your knees and elbows bent. The elbows should only be somewhat bent, and never locked. Your legs should never extend fully while pedaling. Raise your bike seat so that while you are pedaling, your legs extend at most 90 percent and at minimum 70 percent.While mountain biking you will be doing a lot of coasting and standing on your pedals. To practice this, while riding stand up on your pedals and keep your legs and your elbows bent. Also practice shifting your body weight toward the back of the bike.After you are done practicing coasting, you will then want to try to pedal while you are standing up. Try this on flat ground and while going up a hill. Use light gears going up the hill and heavy gears on flat ground.Going downhill on a bike isn't normally smooth sailing. There will be bumps and both your tires may leave the ground temporarily. To practice going off of a bump, find a curb and ride off of it. Go slow at first and then increase your speed until you feel you've got it mastered.Once you have mastered these beginning techniques, you will be better prepared to take it to the next level and begin mountain biking! Remember to have fun, and wear protective gear!

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