Specialized Mountain Bikes are the only SurvivorsThe light weight and the ability to survive the robust terrain differs a Specialized Mountain Bike from a mountain bike. A street motorcycle is very different from a mountain bike. a street bike is heavier powerful and designed to perform on streets and highways. Today many street and track tuned street bikes are capable of going high speeds, speeding up to 180 mph. these street bikes are rocket on public highways. Street bike ranges from 125cc entry level bikes to the mighty 1000cc motorcycles. Most of these motorcycles offered today are track tuned like the Yamaha YZF R1. These bikes are licensed race machines. The dream to own a MotoGP bike can be only fulfilled with such bikes like a Honda CBR 1000RR which is a race replica of the Honda's track performers. These bikes are nearest to a MotoGP bike as they come installed with suspension packages, riding experience and traction control system that is directly borrowed from a MotoGP bike.Now this was about a street and sport bike now let me tell you what is so different about specialized mountain bikes.Mountain bikes are light and made with lighter chassis and engine materials all of which makes the performance of the moto bike super. Earlier mountain bikes were with two stokes engines. Two stroke motorcycles are better performers as they generate power in just two strokes in comparison a four stroke engine takes four strokes to generate power. So a 2 stroke mountain bike is much quicker and quick through the dirt. 2 stroke engines are old they are replaced with 4 stroke engines as 2 stroke engines emits higher, due to the need to mix oil with petrol. So how a 4 stroke engine on specialized mountain bikes is made to perform better?Engines on mountain bikes are highly sophisticated. Manufacturers need to achieve mass centralization. This is done through replacing the conventional intake and exhausts position, which is replaced with a light weight air box and placing the throttle body in front. For quicker responding engines these off road motorcycles are with vertical cylinder that makes vertical moment of the connecting rod making less friction of the piston to the cylinder wall and also it creates great combustion force. All together it works for quicker response. If you stop on a 400 cc latest mountain bike than the probability is that the cylinder will be served with 4 valves. Latest technological advancement includes titanium valve cylinder head.Apart from the engine the next important component that makes a mountain bike special is its suspension system. The rear swing arm has excellent travel distance to take most of the impact when the bike lands on the ground after a high jump. Also all of the specialized mountain bikes have a flat seat so the rider can move easy. A mountain bike is differentiated with its aggressive looking fenders and its button tires.

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