• Features a graphic retro-reflective design imprinted on the tire surface that reflects light directed on them at nighttime
  • These dynamic duos feature a directional dart-style tread up front and a deep tractor tread knobby on the rear
  • You'll have Jedi-like steering control where needed and plenty of bite for climbing and breaking
  • Each tire can also be used as matching pairs

Product Description
SweetskinZ is tearing up everything you thought you knew about bicycle tires. Take a look at the world's first full-color reflective tire. That's right. The world. For today's riders, having a bike that fits your style is as important as having the bike itself. You now have the ability to customize your bike, plus SweetskinZ reflective technology makes you more visible at night, providing performance, style, and safety. Mountain bike, juvenile, BMX, freestyle, commu... More >>

Sweetskinz Wire Beaded Mountain Bike Tire

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