Adventure is one such element; urge of which is ever-increasing and doesn't degrade with time. With the passage of time, the spark illuminates at much higher intensity. This is the reason why many modern-day nomads and adventure junkies loiter in search of places that could really excite them to the fullest.Nowadays mountain bike riding is fast emerging as one of the most liked adventure activities amongst adrenaline junkies as the sport appeals to their adventure preferences and is challenging on the physical grounds.Mountain bikes are tough. They have a suspension system that makes for a comfortable ride, and the thick, wide tires are less likely to slip than the slimmer tires of a cruiser bike, particularly on wet roads. Mountain bikes have alloy frames that are strong and lightweight. They're definitely not just for climbing mountains. Three great reasons for buying a mountain bike are for the great exercise you get, the fuel you save by traveling by bike instead of car, and the lack of environmental impact that a bike makes compared to a car.A good downhill bike must have suspension in the front and the rear and very strong disc brakes.Trails. Another very strong bike is a trail mountain bike. Trail riding is one of the most precise forms of mountain biking and is for very skilled riders. These riders take their sport very seriously and often design and build their own bikes.Mountain bike riding is quite demanding and requires a person to be in good physical condition, disciplined, mentally fit. But it is no different really than any other sporting activity. You must train properly if you want to improve and get better.Here are training tips for Mountain Biking.The first consideration should be to engage the services of a good trainer if that is possible. Either having a friend or even paid professional that can work with you will be very helpful.If you decide to use a professional trainer make sure the chemistry is good and they are someone you can relate with and get along easily as you are going to be spending a lot of time in his or her company.If you are going to do this right you should begin a routing of exercises that will improve both your cardio stamina and physical strength.When doing your exercises, remember to include some that work to strengthen your core muscles.Starting today begin to eliminate as much as possible fast food, fried food, processed snacks and sugar filled drinks from what you eat. Start to add more fruit and vegetables to your diet.Drink more water. Most people do not drink enough water each day. Depending on your size the amount will vary. Starting off with a check list will help you get things in order.You'll first want to inspect the bike before you venture out. Make sure your tires are in good shape, check for low air pressure, punctures, and cracks. Make sure you have a patch kit, spare tubes and a small inflation pump, you may want to carry these along with you as well.Next make sure your equipment is in good shape. Check your helmet for cracks, dents, dings, and fit. Make sure your chin strap is buckling correctly and everything is in working order. If you use wrist or hand guards check those and make sure the straps are fastening correctly. Take a first aid kit along with you when mountain biking.You need to be fully alert and in control once you are on a mountain bike ride because any lapse in concentration no matter for how short a duration can prove to be fatal in terms of injury and missteps leading to falls or accidents.While low gears are useful on the flat terrains, they are slow on acceleration but quite easy to pedal. High gears allow you to speed up quickly but they are a little difficult to negotiate. High gears are useful while climbing hills. The trick behind proper negotiation of the gears is to start slow and then change to higher gears as you gain speed.Mountain biking videos are great for those who want to make sure they're not skipping any steps. They will give you a walk through of how your bike should feel and what measures to take to make sure everything is safe. Many well traveled and popular trails offer mtb videos to show you the terrain and trails you'll be facing as well.

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