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Any Hurst Line Loc regrets?'93 Mustang 5.0 LX sleeper, mild mods to engine cam and intake, frame stiffened, performance rotors and pad, etc. I have a Line Loc apparatus but hesitate to own it installed because it may look like the coupé was abused. (It have not been, but I do...Any info will relief appreciation.?im going to Colorado in two weeks be is a good place to rent a motor? i am in Ontario ca is enterprise ok? this is my first time renting a motor how old do you enjoy to be? im 23 my friend is...Any limo services near pink limousines...?i want to take my friend to nyc for one of my friends 21st birthday and really want a pink limo for it! so i'd really appreciate any website or phone numbers for limo services next to pink limos! thanks for any of your minister to! =)...Any mechanics/specialists and enthusiasts ..grill BMW 530i? Please dont say anything if you dont know what you talking more or less. My questions are: Is this a reliable car ? How oodles miles more will it go? And What should I "watch out" for? All answers are really ,really...Any mode to stand up to a intersection photo ticket? Rainy day. Light turns yellow so instead of hitting brakes complicated I roll through intersection and got my pic takenAny one el's dislike intensely ear-splitting exhausts?i'm sitting peacefully enjoying a sunday afternoon when some idiot decide to race up and down the road on a motorbike that have quite clearly been made to generate as much noise as possible. why!! do those want a loud noise from their motor bikes?Any one into cars? got a 206 1.6 8v the ecu as been chip , viper nouns filter , turbo fited and cataly converter removed any one got any idea of how + bhp must be producinAny origin to put gear (for auto-transmission car) within indeterminate while stopped? I was on a guided-tour, riding within a mini-van (automatic transmission). Noticed the driver when stopped (due to red signal or traffic) always shifted to impartial. I am wondering why he would do that - to save fuel reduction? to ease up on...Any polite ides for a car-boot? and can i do a sponsored run if...?has anyone get any good idears for this to vend at a car boot? Need to tilt some money for a flight to my wedding contained by march to africa......oh and does anyone know if its ligal to do a sponserd run orsomthing to bump up some...Any Rich Carpenters?I like to work beside my hands and one of the just reasons I am not wanting to be a carpenter is because i here they dont win paid terrifically well. However, I read on one of these question that a carpenter was earn $100,000 a year....Any road to swing the door chime/alarm contained by a 94 civic?Any way to switch the door chime/alarm in a 94 civic? i thought it would be kewl if i could tweaking that anoying BeepBeepBeepBeep sound when i quit the key contained by or a seat belt rotten or the lights onAny stick shift drivers? Any truck drivers?How much harder is it driving a semi truck versus driving a normal stick shift vehicle? I am interested contained by becoming a truck driver and I have driven stick until that time, but I wasn't good at it? Thank you.Any suggestions for a saloon that can jump over the mountains within snow(paved roads dont call for ahumvee or anything)? Looking for a less than brand new one-that sits up difficult than a usual passenger car. Would that automatically have to be contained by the form of an SUV then? Won't be haulin any trailers or boats and don't need alot of room . I...Any talent budget cars coming out within 09? I am looking at buying an economical yet fun and cheap car, approaching a TC or a Mazda3. But I also am wondering if I wait a few months and there will be better choices from the 09 line-up. Anyone know a site or have any...Any tips for ratification the Driver's Test?I'm taking mine tomorrow at 10 AM. I'm soooo nervous!!! I'm a well brought-up driver I just achieve so nervous and I'll probably mess up. Pretty much the one and only thing I really suck at is parallel parking. Could I fall through if that's my only...Any tips on finance into a parking space?I'm going for my driver's license soon, but the only piece I'm having some problems beside is my back parking. I know for sure that it is on the interview. I have really tricky time centering myself. I thought that I was suppose to look backwards but...Any tips on in your favour gas? I got an e-mail aphorism to pump gas in hasty morning, pump gas slowly, and not to get gas when they are padding the tanks up.Is this true?Any tips on taking the dmv losing the joystick experiment? contained by california? Please tell me anything you know thankfulnessAny tips or tricks on flushing a cooling system on a 2000 chevy malibu v6?My wifes car be over heating. i bled the cooling system and to my surprise it be filled near some air bubbles. It doesnt over steam but the needle does budge above normal temperature. I want to flush the system to get adjectives the junk out..Any Truck Drivers On Here, Please Help?Hiya, 21 y/o rookie here... Ok I want to pick up a used rig, and get a driver for local city driving. However, I do not know which Rig would be best on conservation and fuel for starters. I know a sleeper is not nec....Any truck drivers work for Con Way?I'm looking into going to work there and want a drivers point of judgment. Ive been offered the brief, But we all know sometimes they sprawl. Ive been told weekends are usually stale. You usually work 10 hr days and you never run illegal. They also said...Any US rental coupé companies own brochure transmissions within their fleets? I assume the answer is no, purely from an economic standpoint. But are there any US rental saloon companies that have manual nouns vehicles available for rent within their fleet? If so, which ones?Any warning, ive get really well-mannered at my driving okay practical my instructor is pleased and is considering interview? However ive not sat my assumption yet and clearly you cant sit the practical test unless the proposal has be passed anyway my instructor wants my supposition to be done in rash jan...ive not even studied due to college, part time profession so ive been really...Any Yank be to Germany ? What is so great give or take a few the Autobahn ? I havent done that much driving in America, however the Highway looks fine to me. Why do Americans rave more or less the Autobahn, what is the big difference ?Anybody here ever enjoy heartbreak from have to put on the market a beloved hotrod? i have a 95 Trans am, and although its winter right immediately, I know during the summer I will see a lot of them and miss my kid if I sell it for money and smaller quantity insurance. I drive my beater i the winter. Is...Anybody know anything in the order of those chips for your engine? hondata? Friends were telling me ab out how it let more fuel be injected for more power. Can it be used on a stock engine with no turbo/supercharger?? If so, is it bad for the engine? diminution engine life? and how much mpg do you lose? ...Anybody Know orb Park price on really nice 67 Caddy Convertible? w/37k org? I have inheairited a Awesome condition, very mint, 1967 Cadillac elderodo convertible, almost adjectives original, Except paint and 1 window crank next to 37 k miles ! I think its front wheel drive on a boat of a sports car. Original Clean Florida Title and...Anybody know the christen of the fuel in your favour device that be on today tonight ages ago? It was featured on today tonight (East Coast) a few months ago. And the today tonight website doesn't show feeble stories(which to me is stupid). It connects to the fuel line and it makes the fuel smaller number dense or something. Saving around 20%. I have...Anybody know where on earth i can return with my driving PERMIT online ?I need to win my permit,close to last year and I can't pocket the class somwhere because I can't get a ride.My arts school is not doing the classes until i don't when.And it would be so much easy. and i live within Florida if that...Anybody know which used cars Consumer Reports say are best? I need to buy a new vehicle. Mine died yesterday. I want to know what used cars are good buys. I would really like a Honda, Intrepid, or Saturn. My mom have a Honda that ran forever. I had an dated Consumer Reports book she gave...

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