There are so many good reasons to travel by RV. The first is the savings over traditional travel. Secondly, there's a freedom of exploration. There are no deadlines, no set schedule. If one place isn't what you hoped for, move on. There's an entire country awaiting exploration. You won't be the only one. With 8.2 million households in the US owning an RV, there will be plenty of adventurers to share experiences with. Thirdly, RV enthusiasts have their own on-line communities that share places to stay, RVing stories and more.RVIA found that close to half of current used and new RV owners are planning on traveling more by RV this year than last year. Those that have tasted the RV lifestyle get hooked. Many times people are exposed to RV travel as kids on family vacations. Those experiences are memories people want to recreate with their own families and friends.If you own an RV, why wouldn't you travel with it? Every time you get out in your RV, you're paying off an investment. Each trip becomes less and less expensive. If you calculate the cost of purchasing or renting an RV into each subsequent vacation, you end up saving more and more money. Not to mention, there's always a vacation on wheels waiting in your driveway. You get to bring all the comforts of home and eat the way you like when you like. You don't have to worry about expensive room service or eating out every night. Families have just as much fun cooking over a campfire as they do at a restaurant.Airfare has increased significantly over the past couple of years as have hotel prices. Traveling close to home and staying at campgrounds makes every vacation affordable. Besides, if you aren't happy with your campground, you can drive a few hours and be in a completely new vista with new views and new neighbors or no neighbors at all.Another benefit of traveling by RV is it allows for all sorts of physical activity. Bikes can be brought and not rented, as can rock climbing gear, hiking gear, tennis rackets and more. Renting equipment is how resorts make money, but when you travel by motorhome or with a travel trailer, you get to bring your own gear. There are thousands of places to get out and play in.For those who have entered a new stage of life with retirement, RVing can be freeing. It's a great way to see the country without any restrictions. There's a freedom in being able to stay an extra day in Arizona for the perfect golf match, or enjoying one last sunset sitting on a beach in California. You set your schedule and you can change it whenever you want.If you're feeling the itch to RV, you aren't the only one. Campgrounds have been expanding and updating their facilities with all sorts of amenities for campers. Wellness centers, fitness centers, golfing, fishing and more can all be had at today's campgrounds. There are also more and more eco-friendly campgrounds popping up.RV rentals will start picking up soon as will sales. So head out to your nearest RV dealer. There are thousands of new and used RVs awaiting adventurers. Pack your bags and start exploring the world around you.

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