If you're in the market for a jogging stroller, especially for a double jogging stroller, I'm sure you've heard about the BOB double strollers. If not, and if you're in the market of a new double stroller, hopefully you'll get a sense for why the BOB double jogging strollers are such a popular choice amongst active parents.

BOB jogging strollers are made here in the US, but not by some guy named Bob… Actually, the company name is an acronym for their original product which was a bike trailer called the "Beast of Burden". The shortened "BOB" stuck.


Anyway, being that BOB started with a couple of guys who were crazy about the outdoors, including an engineer, it should come as no surprise that they are among the most innovative and well built jogging strollers on the market today. They leave nothing to chance and only use the best materials and designs to create these high end pieces of outdoor equipment to help you take your whole family into the outdoors.


But with that said, BOB jogging strollers, especially the innovative BOB Revolution stroller, is just as adept, if not more so, than any traditional day-to-day stroller you'll find on the market, though due to its extra sturdy construction, you can expect it to be slightly heavier than some other options out there.


Actually, weight is just about the only negative aspect that seems to come up consistently in users reviews (and even then, it's a fairly rare thing to see). I have to guess the reason is that anyone who is serious about getting outside with their kids to get and stay fit realizes the importance of truly solid construction, and adding a pound or two to the overall weight is a logical compromise compared to the thought of having a flimsy jogging stroller when you're out running trails with your kid!


The other thing that is truly remarkable about BOB jogging strollers is how quickly and easily they fold and store themselves in a small space. Especially when you consider how quick and easy it is to remove the wheels to get it into an even more compact space.


You can check out this video about the BOB Revolution Double Stroller at www.bobjogstroller.com/bob-revolution-double-stroller to see just how quick and easy the two step process is in folding and unfolding. Like the article mentions… it's like this thing is straight out of a transformers movie!


Back to the point at hand about what makes BOB strollers so popular, especially the BOB double stroller called the Revolution.


The BOB Revolution double stroller has a brilliantly designed 360 degree rotating front wheel (this exists on the regular, single BOB Revolution jogging stroller too, by the way). With this front wheel and its ability to spin, you can maneuver this stroller with incredible ease and precision, even with one hand (and everyone I know who needs a double stroller, chances are pretty good at least one of their hands is going to be busy doing something else all the time!)


The other beauty of this BOB Revolution design is that you can very easily lock that front wheel into place so it'll work just like a fixed wheel jogging stroller. This will be very important if and when you ever hit some terrain that is a little bit (or a lot) rough.


The front wheel also has a fast and simple mechanism for re-aligning the front wheel so it tracks straight, in case it ever gets off kilter a little bit.


Overall the BOB double stroller that is the most versatile of their three models has to be the Revolution. Check it out for yourself by visiting the BOB Jog Stroller website.

As a lifelong athlete, outdoor enthusiest and self proclaimed equipment junkie, I have always strived to stay active no matter what. When I became a mother of twins a few years ago, I soon became a jogging stroller research machine. The <a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);" href="http://bobjogstroller/the-bob-double-stroller/">BOB double stroller</a> quickly became my new best friend.

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