CyclesOps is not new in the bike trade industry and have turned thousands of bikes around to save them a return journey. Cycle Ops is a leader in providing necessities for you and your bike to have the best ride experience and safety on the road. "Its a Tardis of a shop…" as one costumer exclaimed after visiting the shop, and this probably best describes the place. Its a modern open to view workshop with specialist items and a comprehensive range of Scott, Trek, Brompton, Airnimal, Dahon, and BMC bikes. The shop has stock bikes from top brands, ranging from pavement cycles to top end road and mountain bikes, and a wide range of accessories from leading brands.If you want to experience indoor cycling utilizing the most effective training program using technologically superior equipment, exclusive fitness education and post ride analysis, then you might consider trying the CycleOps Club Pro 300PT. The 300PT offers every cycling enthusiasts and also every one with weight problems, the most ideal solution for an effective training course while at home. What makes this stationary bike special is the technology and concept that lies behind it. The bike offers an advanced training approach by measuring power. Basically, what 300PT does is it monitors both the power (dose) and the resulting heart rate or perceived exertion (response). What you get is a more extensive picture of the efficiency of your workout rather than by simply looking at the heart rate or cadence alone.If you want to hire a bike, CycleOps offers a fleet of bikes that comes in different sizes for various bike activities. The shop has a Hire Bike service that provides bicycles ranging from kids bikes to Tandems, including trailer bikes and child seats. The shop is obliged to finish turn repairs as quickly as possible. Depending on parts availability, most bike repairs are ready on the next five working days. However, during peak periods customers are advised to consider pre-booking if possible as people working at CycleOps are likely to get their hands full.All new models of CycleOps includes the following features:1. PowerTap equipped.2. Specifically designed for the club environment.3. Wireless, coded Power and HR data transmission.4. Includes an interactive display with a large, easy-to-read LCD screen.5. Displays biometric information including power, HR, time, cadence, and energy expenditure in KJ.6. Stores data files on proprietary USB stick (sold separately) to download post-workout.7. PowerAgent Software lets your clients analyze their rides on a PC.8. Power Training focused education program available.

To know more about CycleOps indoor cycling trainer information, visuals and pricing visit The site features CycleOps premium trainers, accessories and other useful gadgets for both professional athletes and casual users.

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