There is no doubt that your car contributes a major cost to your budget.  In many cases, your car is an invaluable way for you to get around, even if its just to the closest commute point.  If you have a family, I don't have to tell you that the car is an essential part of coping with kids, shopping and commuting.  As important as the car it is, everyone is now well aware of the affect cars have on the environment, let alone your wallet when petrol prices go up. However, there are a few things every car owner can do to make a difference, not only to how much you car expenses are, but also to the environmental impact of running it.

These are a few car Eco-Friendly tips that are know to be effective at saving money and being eco friendly :

Even applying just some of these suggestions can make a significant difference not only to your budget, but also the environment.  Generally you will find, you don't have to make radical changes to your lifestyle to make differences in your environmental impact.  Just a few small changes like this add up.  You will find more Eco Friendly Tips on the DIYEcoEnergy website that can help you make a difference in cutting costs and going green.

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