Do you live in a neighborhood that has sidewalks and allows you the luxury of walking your baby in his stroller whenever you want to? Don't you wish you had one of those vintage strollers with the big wheels and the canopy that covered your baby's face from the sun but allowed him to lay completely flat and sleep during his bouncy ride? There are a number of websites out there catering to nostalgia and in some case collectors.

If you desire to have a piece of history you can purchase the like new condition Swiss made low riding chariot called the Helvetica for four hundred fifty Euros. They also have a very sleek Italian Giordani Brevetato with chrome bumpers and in original showroom condition for only $2800. They also have another Giordani model Bambino Carriage for the same price.

Other vintage strollers can be found at flea markets, antique stores and swap meets. Many are from the Victorian era and are of what are called a pram style. It is the baby carriage style you saw in Saturday morning cartoons and was called out at the beginning of the classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit? "I'm not bad; I'm just drawn this way". The problem with vintage strollers is that they are almost universally heavy and cumbersome. As society became more mobile there was a need to make baby strollers more portable. Hence the advent of the umbrella stroller.

In the years before World War II and the 1970s European design was applied to strollers and many futuristic designs and fancy strollers were produced. When first introduced these strollers were very pricey and can now capture thousand dollar plus prices on the vintage stroller market. Baby joggers and convertible bike trailers are now the norm in neighborhoods around America. While many still hark back to the halcyon days of the 1950s you can customize your baby jogger at Kid Kustoms and create your very own vintage stroller. You can add fins and tins to your stroller and the Classic series takes you back to the cool days of the '57 Chevy and the great colors (Aqua, Red, Purple, Tangerine, White and Pink) of those cars.

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