So, you have a taste for high speed action in the great outdoors. You want a full weekend of fun, but sleeping in the truck cab with the kids has grown a bit tired. If this is your situation then you should look into a sport utility RV (SURV), popularly called a "Toy Hauler".

What good is an active lifestyle without the toys to go with it? These allow users to carry a variety of power "toys", like ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, kayaks, tubes or canoes and more, with them into the wilds.

Amazingly versatile. Like most RVs, these have the typical beds, bathroom, kitchen dinette and living room area, but a rear cargo area has been added in order to accommodate the powered "toys" wanted on high-spirited outdoor adventures.

All Toy Haulers have a rear drop-down ramp which doubles as the rear wall to the unit. It allows easy access and off-loading of various cargoed items. For winter sports enthusiasts, there are even winterized Toy Haulers loaded with things like: central forced air heating, insulated & heated tanks, upgraded insulation, and double-glazed thermo-pane windows.

Enjoy the best of both worlds. They offer the sports enthusiast all the indoor comforts of an RV and the outdoor utility of a cargo trailer. Toy Haulers help make a RVacation truly memorable.

Cost. New Toy Haulers on average cost $20,000 and up. A reasonable price for the amount of RV usage and versatility you receive in return.

Consider base camping your family's outdoor adventures with a new Toy Hauler. Then get set for non-stop, high spirited action as you head off with your family on an exciting sports RVacation or holiday. You won't ever look back.


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