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Let's spend more time enjoying nature by camping and hiking.

National and State Parks provide excellent destinations for your outdoor activities.

Camping trips that include sports such as whitewater rafting, kayaking, skiing, horseback riding, and rockclimbing can be a geat deal of fun.

For your safety and comfort you will want to be sure that you have the proper apparel. Rain and wind wear and a fleece jacket should be on your list. Don't forget a first aid kit and plenty of drinking water.

More clothing and protective gear are needed in the winter.

Most state and national parks have excellent websites, where you can find information on hiking trails and outdoor activities.

You will also find excellent information on popular points of interest in travel books and park brochures.

There are usually outfitters available in the area that offer excursions and rentals for the park you are visiting.

You can choose among a variety of trails throughout the park, from simple loop trails to more stenuous hikes.

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Remember to take items such as a daypack with water, a rain/wind jacket, snack, and a first aid kit when you go on longer hikes; be sure to wear good and comfortable hiking boots.

You are likely to see wildlife such as bears, mountain lions, deer, moose, wolves, and bighorn sheep, and it is important to know what to do if you encounter them.

Those who seek a rugged experience in the outdoors prefer to camp with only tents, or no shelter at all ("under the stars").

Biking is a great way to travel around the parks, but be sure to check regulations about where it is allowed.

There are likely to be bike trails in the park.

Horseback riding is a great and different way to travel through a park, and you will enjoy using the gravel roads found in many of the parks.

Spectacular scenery in the backcountry can be seen by taking a river rafting excursion through some of the national parks.

Kayaking is another way to explore areas of the park that you cannot reach by hiking, riding, or driving.

Consider taking some time for mountaineering and rock climbing and if you are visiting a park in the winter, cross country skiing.

The incredible scenery found in our national and state parks, along with the great variety of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed there, make them wonderful destinations for vacations and an opportunity to enjoy nature.

Lastly on a related note.

"Car camping" is camping in a tent, but nearby the car for easier access and for supply storage.

Also on another related note.

Unlike more traditional "walk in" camping or backpacking, car camping allows you to bring more equipment, and focus on enjoying the site, cook-outs, day hikes, and other outdoor activities.

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