As kids, we spent our summer days playing outdoors, visiting our friends, going to ball fields, pools, and parks, running to the store for candy, and going on countless other important missions. The interesting thing is that, most of the time, we got to these places without our parents driving us. Back then, our main conveyances were bikes, trikes, skates, and wagons.These alternate forms of transportation were crucial to our big plans. Of course, our primary vehicles were our bicycles. They could take us to the parades, the picnics, the ponds, and the pools; but they had their limitations. After all, we needed our equipment as well. If we were playing in the game, we had to take our balls, bats, gloves, and the other trappings of the sport of the day. When we went on picnics, we had to carry our bags and baskets of food, containers for our drinks, and plastic plates, cups, and utensils. When we went swimming, we needed towels, inner tubes, inflatable rings and rafts, and our essential snacks (which, of course, we wouldn’t eat within an hour before going into the water, right?).Even though many of us had baskets on our bicycles, they simply did not have the capacity for all of the things that we had to carry with us. Beyond all of the necessities that we packed up for our outings, we also had to consider the important finds that we would bring back from these excursions. Where would we put those?That’s where our wagons came in. Wow. Wagons. When’s the last time you thought about how vital a wagon was when you were a kid? A wagon made everything possible. With a wagon, you could stock up for a picnic, or a trip around the world. If you had to take your little brother along when you wanted to play with your friends, it wasn’t so bad if you could pull him in a wagon. A wagon could hold all of the fish and crawdads that you caught in the creek, as well as the valuable rocks that you found. Furthermore, when a water balloon battle broke out in the neighborhood, you always had the upper hand when you had a whole wagon full of them.Today, even with all of the high-tech toys that seem to be crowding out the old favorites, the magical wagon still exists; and it’s still just as much fun as it was for us. At, you’ll find over a dozen fun, colorful wagons that will open up new worlds of adventure to has wagons, with up to 1,100 pound load capacities, constructed from powder-coated steel and hardwood, and steel flatbed wagons available in two sizes. There’s even a great trailer wagon that can be hooked up to a bicycle.Visit to see their entire line of outdoor products, including scooters, trikes, picnic tables, patio chairs, and lawn games, made just for kids. While you’re there, you can browse one of the largest selections of outdoor and patio furniture available. To contact one of their customer service representatives or design consultants, call 1-888-293-2339, or e-mail

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